First review !!!

I’m sooooooo  happy about it… This is my first review at my blog.The truth is that over this month I bought a lot of makeup staff and it’s impossible to describe them all in one article. So I’ll present you the first order I’ve made. They’re oriflame’s products. It’s called set studio artist and it includes a foundation, a primer, a concealer, a cream blush, a lipstick and an eye liner. It costs 22.99 €. In my opinion the price is pretty good for so many products.

In details
·         The foundation’ s called Studio Artist foundation Iluma flair with spf15 30 ml, FAIR NUDE. It’s pretty stable, it’s liquid and it fits perfectly at my skin.

·         The primer is the Perfecting Face primer studio artist. It’s a simple primer, I just feel more hydrated when I apply it because I have dry skin.

·         The concealer Studio Artist Iluma flair medium is very good. It covers black circles and rednesses which create at the skin at winter. It’s liquid and you can apply it easily.

·         The compact  powder Studio Artist Oriflamme beauty 8g iluma flair medium. To tell you the truth I’ve used it only twice because I had another powder that’s not finished yet. But I’ve got an opinion about it. It’s a little more lightened from my skin tone but the difference isn’t important. Personally I use the powder with a brush and at  other powders I’ve used it’s difficult to take some product because they are too concentrated. At this one I had no problem.

·         The cream blush, tone soft peach. You can apply it easy, it has dinstictive colour, so that you can use it for a very natural result.

·         The gel eye liner  Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist 3g black. It’s the  first gel eye liner I’ve ever bought. This has a disadvantage: the blush it includes is small and you can’t , handle it, so you have to use one of yours if you have or buy one. It’s stable, easy to put on and it’s becoming one of my favorites.

·         The lipstick studio artist oriflamme beauty Pure Berry 4g. Dinstictive colour with a metallic texture. It’s suitable for everyday use.

If you want any more explanation or a photo for the products leave a comment below the article. I’m waiting for your opinion, your advice and whatever you want to share with me.
If you want to buy anything off this contact me <3<3<3

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